Our story so far . . .

In November of 2015 Grace Church Rokeby purchased the Village Green Tavern (11 Ralphs Terrace Rokeby) and started the daunting task turning the dilapidated old building into something that the Clarence Plains community could be proud of. Situated on nearly 5 acres of land in the middle of our community the property was ideally positioned for development into a Community Centre and a hub for community gatherings as well as an administration base for local community groups throughout the week.

As with any old building, especially a pub, there were all sorts of issues that had to be addressed before the building could be used and in 2016 we began the task of removing 40 years of accumulated junk and redundant furnishings, bars, fireplaces, walls, etc that needed to go.

2017 Our first major project

In 2017 we decided to see how far we could get with renovating the back room at the Centre. We’d already hosted various community functions in the old room and our youth program met there every Friday night but the facility was smelly, dirty and quite rundown. We didn’t have much money but felt it would be a great object lesson and an opportunity to practically outwork our mantra, “Start where you are – Use what you have – Do what you can.”

So we began . . .  and 3 months later in July 2017 we were ready to host the Stronger Communities Together workshop in a brand spanking new function room! It’s amazing what you can achieve if you’ll just make a start.

2018 – The office area

Early 2018 we decided to tackle the front area of the Centre which used to be the old public bar. Our aim was to create Community office space as well as a training room that could be used for smaller sized groups that didn’t need our larger back room. So we stripped the floor coverings off the floor and then bought some timber and started framing up. The plaster sheets were donated and we managed to raise a bit of money so we continued on. Then out of the blue someone donated $25,000 and we raised some more money. Our painter painted the whole office area for free and the carpet was donated. All up we managed to raise close to $75,000 and the offices were finished by November. They took a bit longer than we thought but were done way quicker than they would have been if we hadn’t made a start when we did.

2020 – Disabled Parking / Disabled Toilets & Foyer area

The next project we tackled were the toilets and foyer/entrance into the building along with disabled parking at the front door. Previously the toilets lacked suitable disabled facilities and were very dated and the entrance into the building was hard to find. With a little bit of creative building works we’ve ended up with a lovely accessible entrance and foyer along with compliant toilets and disabled car parking. We now have a facility that is accessible to everyone in our community and we’re thrilled with the final result.

A huge thanks to the Tasmanian Community Fund along with donations from Grace Church which have made this project possible!

This is where we started!

Current Front Entrance of the Grace Centre

This is where we ended up!

2021 – Our Kitchen

At the Grace Centre is a very tired run down commercial kitchen that has well and truly passed its use by date. It’s our hope that we can resurrect the kitchen and see it fully operational providing nutritious cooked meals for those who are struggling in our community and training opportunities for our young people who want to gain experience in food preparation and hospitality. We are partnering with Loaves and Fishes to see this come to pass and have wonderful support right across our community. Currently we are in the process of seeking funding to see the refurbishment take place and would love to see the kitchen fully operational by the start of 2022.